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If you’re tired of visiting the same old retail nursery then why not check out an online nursery? Traditional nurseries have a very limited supply of plants and flowers. It’s difficult to design a garden when what you want to buy isn’t available. Luckily there are thousands of plants online that you can easily choose from that won’t cost you a fortune. If that isn’t impressive enough, Online Plants also offers a 1-year guarantee with all of their plants. Should any of your purchased plants fall victim to disease or pests of any type you know you’re covered.

If you are searching for the very best in cheap plants Melbourne, you’ll want to explore the expansive inventory Online Plants has to offer. Knowledgeable nursery experts offer 20 years experience so that customers new to landscaping can have their questions answered quickly and accurately. If you are not entirely sure where to start with your landscaping project, nursery experts can prepare a plan for you based on the size of your budget. There’s a fully refundable registration fee for the consultation service if you plan on spending more than $2000, or you can simply get an estimated quote of the plan’s overall cost.

Online Plants the largest online nursery in Australia. The company is the first of its kind and carries over 3000 different species of plants that’s constantly changing in variety. Because of the large stock of local and exotic plant life, Online Plants is not able to offer a physical retail store location. This allows customers searching for cheap plants Melbourne to have the very best prices available. Online Plants carefully chooses only the best selection from nursery growers all over Australia in order to provide customers exceptional quality at an affordable price every day of week, each month of the year. Ordering plants online has never been easier.


The Provision Tree For Your Garden – Online Plants

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Have you ever thought about having a wonderful tree that is both ornamental, decorative in view, and has edible nuts on it? If the answer is yes, please read on to learn all about the Provision Tree, and you will indeed encounter just the right type of shade tree that is far more than just your average shade tree. Because, to be honest, the Malabar Chestnut or Saba Nut is perfect for anyone’s garden.

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The Malabar Chestnut is a very special tree. It can grow up to 18m tall in its natural habitat. However, it can grow 6 to 7m in backyards, and is every inch a showy kind of evergreen tree with greenish bark. The leaves of the Provision Tree are also very shiny, bright green, and can grow up to 12 inches long. These leaves are easily shed, and the young leaves and flowers are something, which can be cooked and served as a vegetable. The Malabar also has very pretty yellowish flowers. These flowers are beautiful, light, and very fluffy in description. The edible nuts that belong to the Provision Tree are wonderful treats. They can be eaten raw, cooked, or roasted. Nuts can be made into flour and they can last for many months in a cool dry place.


What is great about the Provision Tree is clear. It is a type of tree that is very adaptable to almost all garden conditions. It is a tree that can handle floods, just as much as, it can handle very dry conditions. It is also disease resistant and is suited for mild climates. However, this doesn’t mean, it cannot adapt to an assortment of other climates. It grows well in a wide variety of climates and is excellent as a shade tree. This is due in part to its big canopy and relatively small height.

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If you would like to find just the right Provision Tree, or any other type of plant or tree for that fact, there is only one place to go online to buy online plants of high quality. Where is this place? It is no other than at OnlinePlants is home to an excellent plant nursery like no other. This is because they major in providing only the finest of all plant nursery Melbourne buy plants online environments. They not only have a huge selection of online plants for sale, but they also make sure, all of their plants are cheap plants online. This means that you will come away with many good deals, when you make a note to, buy online plants exclusively from their website. If you would like to learn more about them, please visit the link of to find out more, you will be glad you did!

How to Buy Plants Online at Online Plants

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Are you looking to buy plants online, from a reputable plant nursery? Look no further than Online Plants! You can buy direct online plants melbourne, or receive a garden consultation.


To use our website simply browse our categories for the plants you are looking for. Click “add to cart”. Select the pot size and quanity and click “add to cart” again. You can then access your “shopping cart” at the top of the page to check out. This will bring you to a page to “register” or simply choose “guest checkout”.


We offer fast, efficient home delivery, a garden design and landscape service, 30% savings on retail prices, as well as expert knowledge and advice. We have over 3000 plants currently listed on our website and we are adding this list all the time with photos and additional information.


Please visit our blog for additional information on plant care. We look forward to serving you at Online Plants!

Buy Plants Online – Garden Consultation

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Do you need garden consultation in Melbourne? If you are in need of anything plant or garden, then we are the one complete solution, for whatever it is you require from a plant perspective. OnlinePlants is the very first, as well as, largest online retail nursery in all of Australia. At our website, we have more than 3000 various species of plants, and this is only part of what we do for all of our customers.

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The fine nursery experts that we have available on staff with us have been designing the gardens of Melbourne for over 20 years. They have what it takes to help anyone out with questions or issues regarding their existing gardens. Garden consultation through our professionals isn’t only informative, knowledgeable, and every inch professional in delivery. It is something that we strive to be our very best at, for all of our customers, and the happiness we get comes from knowing that we have helped you create the garden of your dreams.


The garden consultation we offer is very thorough and multi-faceted. This means that you will get expert advice, guidance, and whatever else is necessary to satisfy you in every way. We go all out to help you with garden design and anything else that you may need to get your gardening done properly.

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OnlinePlants is a full service plant nursery. This means that we also have a fine inventory of buy plants online for sale, as well, in addition. We are the one plant nursery with many working solutions to suit all of our customers and their individual plant requirements that do differ and are personal in description. Please visit our website of to find out more about who we are as a unique plant nursery and our detailed services.

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Garden Consultation

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It is a nice idea to start your garden consultation with your pen and paper. We visit your garden by appointment and then we deal with ideas by seeing the space your provided for garden.First we will ask your ideas what’s on your mind and then we will proceed with ideas and style’s that suits you better.

During Garden Consultation:

  • Giving ideas to redesign garden
  • What type of plants suits your garden
  • The plants which needs low maintence
  • Test soil PH level
  • Understanding the principle needed for planting
  • How to utilize all the space by growing plants

If your hire our #gardenconsultataion then the cost will be so low as you predicted. Just make a call at 0428 110 584 or visit garden consultation for more ideas.

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